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Daretodeco Agency is a sales agency. We represent brands specialized in designed furniture, lighting and decorative accessories.
We develop distribution channels and branding on behalf of our partners across Norway.
Our network is composed of retailers, concept stores, department stores, architects and interior designers. 
If you are a wholesale customer, architect, reseller, supplier or just curious in what we do,
feel free to contact us or stop by our showroom for a cup of coffee and inspiration.

Daretodeco Agency proudly represents;

NUURA aim to create unique and aesthetic lighting that reflects the riches and joy found in Nordic nature. With the chandelier as a centre, Nuura offers lighting collections that enrich and complete the decor in private homes or public places. By combining elegant design, LED technology and carefully selected high-quality materials, strive to create unique quality lighting that positively impacts well-being. Nuura means light and honour, and with inspiration from the Nordic light and nature, we want to spread quality light and joy. Founded in 2017 by Sofie Refer, Nadia Lassen and Peter Østerberg.

NORR11 are design company founded in 2011 with a vision to continously create design that sparks curiosity. Driven by the desire to challenge boundaries and barriers between time periods, design directions, cultures and materials. NORR11 believe in creating pieces with character, balancing form, function and comfort. They believe that the most sustainable product is a product that can withstand the test of time, aesthetically and functionally. Working with responsibly sourced, honest materials and strive for a zero waste policy in production.

Louise approaches her passion for interior design in an exploratory manner. By personality, she views creative constraints as an enjoyable challenge. Alongside her solution-oriented nature, she welcomes new processes and perspectives with open arms. Louise finds great similarity between her attitude towards designing and the preparation of food: she mostly deviates from the recipe to create a taste of her own. The entire collection embraces honest materials like glass, ceramic, textile, stone and oak. Louise values her close relationship with skillful craftspeople whom she both challenges and trusts. These relations are built around a shared yearning for high-quality artisanship and collaborative efforts.

Fine Little Day are a Sweden based lifestyle design company that believes in the expression of play, passionate craftsmanship, hand drawn lines and ideas with a story to tell. Fine Little Day stand for environmentally friendly products with high artistic quality. The range includes everything from artist posters, kitchen- and interior textiles, gift items and fashion, for children and young-at-heart adults.